The values that we stand for

Prevention - Innovative solutions - Efficiency of treatment - Affordable care


We know that you deeply care about the health of your domestic animal pets. We offer a wide range of prevention programs focused on long-term maintenance and possible improvement of the condition of your dog, cat or other small animal friend. We are convinced that, thanks to preventive programs of Vethope we can work with you to prevent potential illnesses or detect it in early stage. We therefore not only increase the effectiveness of the treatment, but thanks to regular preventive examinations you can save a lot of time and resources that you would spend on treat of your pet.

Innovative solutions

Our team at Vethope does not sleep on laurels. We constantly seek innovative solutions to bring you the best available care for your pets. We cooperate with veterinary colleagues in the Czech Republic and abroad and consult with them the latest treatment and preventive procedures, we follow technological innovations in order to improve further our diagnostics to ensure effective treatment.

Effectiveness of treatment

Health is the highest value at Vethope. With our experience, we always offer the most efficient medical treatment to your pet. We consult with you several possible solutions, including their impact on the patient.

Affordable care

A long-term relationship with you and your pet is always in the first place for us at Vethope. Thanks to the cooperation with our suppliers we intend to deliver the best possible care at an affordable price. Health is not free, but through our prevention and treatment programs we can maintain spending on health care at a reasonable level.

Vethope - Animals feel at home there.