Preventive care for pets

We believe that just as you look after your own health, so the health of your pets also matters to you.

Therefore you offer a whole series of preventive examinations aimed at the long-term maintenance and potential improvement of the condition of your dog, cat or other small pet.

Vaccination for life

The veterinary clinic VETHOPE offers pets the Vaccination for Life preventive health programme: 

Vakcinace na celý život

We are convinced that thanks to prevention VETHOPE, we can avoid disease or detect it in time. This will increase the efficacy of treatment and thanks to a regular preventive examination we can save you time and money which you would have to spend for any potential treatment for your pet.

Regular preventive check

It is important that pets attend a preventive check every year to help detect a disease in its early stage.

Most pets undergo a health check during their regular annual vaccination. However, a six-month preventive check is recommended; above all for older animals. The vet may detect a health problem which is not visible to the owner. 

During the heath check the vet will examine the animal thoroughly. The ears and skin are carefully examined so that we can be certain that there is no adverse inflammation. The ears are checked for any abnormalities. We check the animal for the presence of any lumps on the skin because suspicious masses require a closer diagnosis or surgical treatment sooner before they cause a bigger problem.

We check the condition of the teeth and gums in the oral cavity. We often detect the presence of tartar or gum inflammation and ongoing processes of decay. In these cases we indicate the need to treat tartar and polish teeth or extract decaying teeth.

We notice the condition of lymphatic nodes because their enlargement means there is a problem which needs to be addressed.

We listen to the chest cavity using a phonendoscope to detect any abnormal heart murmur or unusual sounds on the lung fields.

We feel the abdomen for timely detection of any painful or abnormal growths inside.

Monitor your pets regularly

You should be vigilant in the period between preventive checks and monitor changes in your pet. If you notice a lump on the animal’s body, take it to a vet for a check-up. Also check the condition of the claws. When they are overgrown and long they are more prone to break or can injure the paw which can be painful. This should be particularly monitored in older animals because they walk less and do not wear them down by natural movement. So the claws tend to become overgrown.

Some older animals take medication for various diseases such as arthrosis, arthritis or heart disease. It is important for your vet that you bring these pets for preventive checks regularly once every 6 months. During the check-up the vet may adjust the dose or change the medication taken for a different more appropriate one.

If you notice that your pet is losing weight or, on the contrary, is gaining weight without changing their diet, it can be a sign of disease. Changes in appetite are also important. If the animal is suddenly constantly hungry then this is an equally important symptom just as when it refuses to eat. The intake of water is also important. There are many diseases which result in a significant increase in thirst.

Any change in the animal’s behaviour can mean the onset of disease. In case of any doubt contact your vet.

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