The quality of provided veterinary care is advancing constantly. Therefore we now bring you a new gentle inhalational anaesthetic which provides greater Safety during surgery or complicated diagnostic examination of your pet.

Clients often hesitate due to anaesthesia, if their pet should undergo necessary surgery, dental procedure or just a more extensive diagnostic examination which requires a sitting animal.

What is SAFETY+

SAFETY+ is a unique inhalational anaesthetic procedure developed exclusively at the veterinary clinic VETHOPE. SAFETY+ is a very gentle anaesthetic for various types of high risk animal patients.  

The basis of SAFETY+ involves general monitored inhalational anaesthetic, which is gentler and safer for the patient than other types of anaesthesia. Every patient is routinely connected to a vital sign monitor on which we monitor ECG, respiratory and heart rate, body oxygen saturation, expiratory CO2, pulse and body temperature of the patient in the oesophagus. Individual parameters are monitored in five-minute intervals, in critical patients after each minute. During the procedure the patient receives precisely dosed infusion of an Infusomat space pump to ensure circulation of body fluids and avoid a fall in blood pressure.

Part of SAFETY+ also includes a pre-anaesthetic blood test from which the vet can assess the patient’s health condition and any risks which could be related to anaesthesia.

Who is SAFETY+ suitable for?

Removal of tartar

Regular removal of tartar under inhalational anaesthetic is really essential above all for older animals. In its absence or irregularity bacteria from the animal’s mouth can spread to the bloodstream and then have a negative impact particularly on the heart, kidneys and liver.

Acute dental treatment

An animal without dental treatment can suffer unnecessary pain due, for example, to a broken tooth, tooth decay or dental resportive lesions.

Surgical procedures

A timely surgical procedure can, in many cases, prevent further health complications for the animal. For example, timely removal of a tumour can prevent metastasis, preventive castration of young bitches can avoid problems with mammary tumours, etc.

Benefits of SAFETY+

General inhalational anaesthesia is necessary for the safety and comfort of the animal in most surgical procedures and more demanding diagnostic procedures. The only exception is male cat castration which only requires an injection of a local anaesthetic in view of the simplicity of the surgical procedure. However an injection of a local anaesthetic is not always safe in more demanding procedures.

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