Your vet on a mobile phone!

A vet on a mobile phone can save the life of a pet.

Roughly every third owner sometimes has been in a critical situation when he has needed immediate veterinary help for his pet. This arises from a flash survey conducted among 200 pet owners by the veterinary clinic VETHOPE. 82% of respondents did not know what to do in an emergency. Therefore nine out of ten owners would welcome the possibility of being able to immediately seek the advice of a vet about the urgency of their pet’s condition. The veterinary clinic VETHOPE is meeting this need by introducing a new mobile phone application making it possible for owners to have a vet always close to hand.

33% of respondent pet owners have direct experience of their pet being in a critical condition. The most common is a pet’s injury in a fight with another animal during a walk. Then there is the consumption of a foreign body by the animal, stomach torsion and other problems with the digestive system. “Discussions with respondents showed that the most common problem in an emergency is what owners are to do immediately with the animal,” is how Mr Marek Galbinec of the veterinary clinic VETHOPE comments the results of the survey and adds: “In acute cases time is crucial as to when the animal receives professional help. The owner can be guided over the phone on how to provide the right first aid or assess the urgency of the patient’s condition by getting a description or photograph. Obviously the client must eventually bring the patient for professional treatment to the veterinary clinic, but this mobile phone application can, in many cases, help save the animal’s life”.

People don’t really know what to do with an injured animal

Up to 90% of owners having experience of their pet being in a critical condition, did not know who to contact for help. When they had called a vet, they often were unable to precisely describe the problem or injury of the animal. Therefore they would greatly appreciate the possibility of having a vet close to hand and share information and photographs with him of the injury or problem in real time.

The mobile phone application VETHOPE for smartphones with an iOS or Android system contains the following functions:

  • First aid – via this tab you can immediately send a photograph of your pet’s injury or problem, so the urgency of the patient’s condition can be assessed.
  • In Chat with the vet you can seek advice about the procedure for providing first aid.
  • The application VETHOPE also contains a form for booking an appointment at our veterinary clinic.
  • We update the latest information for the healthy development of your pet in the News section.
  • You can find out more about the preventive programmes of the clinic VETHOPE in the Prevention tab.
  • In the Our Team section you can become acquainted with the vets and nurses of the veterinary clinic VETHOPE.

We aim to create a simple tool that will make it possible for users to contact a vet at the time they are dealing with the critical situation of their pet”, Mr Galbinec explains the main benefit of the application VETHOPE.

You can freely download the application VETHOPE from Google Play or the App Store. 


The QR code for downloading the application directly into a mobile phone:

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